Monday, September 9, 2013

Apartment Sewing Studio

When living in a tiny Manhattan apartment, and working from home, every inch of space is precious.  This is the sewing room I was working out of when I started my quilting business.  I got half the room, and my husband got the other half to write.  We had to be very creative in setting up the space.  My very kind and patient husband learned to love the sound of my old, noisy sewing machine humming along while he tried to write.

The fabric stash I could stare at for hours:

Threads, buttons, doodads, and my favorite photo of us watching the sunset in Sorrento.  And the very sturdy shelf that my wonderful father hung for me, so it could hold a hundred pounds of filled mason jars.  

Everything I needed in arms reach.  Tapestry hanging on the wall is from a little store in Naxos, Greece.  

The amazing robotic iron that my thoughtful mother-in-law found for me.  Highly recommended. 

My design wall and the inspiring, hand-embroidered wall hanging I got in Panajachel, Guatemala.

 These days we are each lucky enough to have our own offices to spread out in, but I’m sure husband misses the soothing sounds of my sewing machine.

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