Thursday, September 12, 2013

Homemade Salsa

         My husband loves chips and salsa.  He would eat them every day if I made sure we always had a supply.  We were going through store-bought salsa so quickly that I decided it was time to make our own.  I wanted to find a healthier, cheaper option to feed the salsa addiction.

          I bought this 6 pound can of whole, peeled tomatoes from Costco for $3.99.  I spooned the tomatoes into the food processor, and put the liquid into a separate bowl.
Once the tomatoes are all liquid, (or still a bit chunky if you like chunky salsa), add them to your other bowl of liquid.
Next, I put 6 peppers: 5 pepperoncini and 2 jalepenos (which arent pictured), a spoonful of brown sugar, half an onion, about 5 garlic cloves and the juice from two limes in the food processor.
After adding this mix to the tomato puree, I put two packed handfuls of cilantro in the processor.
Mixed it all together with a spatula, added salt and pepper to taste and then jarred it to freeze!   So simple.  Next time I'm going to use fresh tomatoes, and then it would be all natural and without the sodium in the can of tomatoes.  This cost us about $5 total and will (hopefully) last for about two months.  My husband said it was good enough to drink, so it got the addict stamp of approval!

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