Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mail Center Redo

When Pier One, near my apartment, put the 'closing' signs up in the windows, I went in looking for discounted furniture. That didn't happen for a while. The first week it was a joke, 5 percent off, etc. So I waited patiently, (if patient means checking every few days), until they were really ready to move out- selling the display furniture and all. Thats when I found this! My first true redo. When I brought my husband to help me get it in the car, he did not understand why, after a tiring day at work, I was trying to fit this broken piece of furniture in our car.
Designed and meant to be used as a bar, I had something else in mind..
The whole center was covered by a broken pull down door, that I decided to leave off.


The mailcenter, as we call it, has become a catchall near the side-door. When we walk in, we drop our phones, keys, the the mail, and whatever else we are holding here. The storage on the bottom lets me keep odds and ends nearby for the backyard. It holds rags to wipe the patio furniture, small sports equipment, bug spray/sun screen, and citronella candles.
Here it is now: Our very mini-mudroom
Holding the spot for the built-ins that will come later...

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