Thursday, September 12, 2013

Porch Facelift

Our house has a cute little front porch.  But it seems that it was never used as a spot for sitting and enjoying before.  There was a square cut out of the cement, filled with dirt, and rocks.  It was a rock garden of sorts, along with a plant and a bird house that had seen much happier days.  I had visions of white rocking chairs and long hours spent drinking lemonade and reading and waving to the neighbor as they walk by with their dog.  And when I get an idea in my head...  
So, we set to work, scooping never ending rocks and pebbles into garbage bags, and not knowing what we would find below.  There were layers of blue plastic tarps, staked into the dirt below.  It took tons of muscle and wiggling to rip it all out, until we were left with this, a gaping dirt hole:
After spending, what felt like hours wandering the aisles of  home depot (so many possibilities!), we settled on these brick squares to fill our new porch hole.  I wanted something relatively inexpensive and easy, because I have future hopes of redoing the whole cement porch in some ridiculously old barn wood.  This was to be a quick fix.  Here is our pile of brick squares:
We laid them all out in the dirt, to determine which ones/how many needed to be cut, and then drew pencil lines to mark the cutting lines.  We used my dad's handheld wet tile saw to cut the brick, and kept the hose on the brick as it was being cut to keep the dust down.  It worked well.  Here is Matt laying and lining the tiles up and then the fun part- jumping on them endlessly to get them flat in the dirt.
While I still have big dreams of somehow brightening up the outside of the house (ideas are invited), I started with the two smallest things, the mailbox and the porch light.  I took down and spray painted the mailbox, and had my dad (I haven't ventured into electric yet) replace the porch light with a cheap black one that I found and spray painted a creamy color.
We our so happy with our cozy finished product!!

 My husband surprised me with the gliding bench and I sewed up a couple pillows.  The charming ducks were left in the house from the previous owners.  Now we just need a little wood stain around the new light and some mosquito repellent, and we can sit for hours and glide.

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